LuxPower 5kW - Low Voltage Single Phase Hybrid Solar Inverter


The LuxPower 5kW Low Voltage Hybrid Solar Inverter is a revolutionary advancement in renewable energy, designed to support households who want to ease their reliance on traditional forms of electricity. This hybrid inverter delivers unprecedented safety and performance for a hybrid solar energy system. It is designed to deliver the highest efficiency and longest durability, while also providing an intelligent energy management platform to users to maximize the efficiency of their energy system.

Key Features:

  • Maximum Efficiency
  • Multi-Mode System Capability
  • Flexible Connection Options
  • Comprehensive Safety Protection
  • Wide DC Voltage Input Range
  • Wide Range of Output Voltage & Frequency
  • Smart & WiFi Monitoring Options
  • Intelligent Energy Management Functions
  • Plug & Play Easy Installation

LuxPower 5kW Low Voltage Hybrid Solar Inverter

  • Brand: Lux Power
  • Product Code: INV-A-L5KW-LOW
  • Availability: In Stock
  • R22,758.50

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